Our Staff

Leabrook and its Staff are excellent providers in the nursing and rehabilitation care of: Spinal injuries - Acquired brain injuries - Road traffic accident injuries - Cancer - Multiple Sclerosis - Parkinsons Disease - Motor Neurone and more........


Leabrook provides 24 hour nursing care through highly skilled dedicated teams of qualified nurses, senior care assistants, care assistants, housekeeping and kitchen staff. The staff have an excellent proven record and work together with the common purpose of providing a high standard of nursing care and support, focussed on the needs and wishes of the resident. Leabrook is well known for its high staffing levels with an excellent staff to resident ratios.


Leabrook House employs a full time experienced Neuro-Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant who work with residents to maximise their independence and potential by setting goals that are important to the individual. Sessions take place in the gym, warm water pool and sensory room.


Leabrook has a well equipped gym in order to carry out full and comprehensive assessments and develop individual treatment plans. The Physiotherapist strives to ensure that all treatments are based on the most recent evidence that has been proven effective.


Residents are able to undertake exercise programmes in the warm water pool under the advice of the Physiotherapist and with assistance of the pool assistants.


Warm Water therapy is a pleasant treatment that can be used to relax tight muscles with the aim of reducing pain and muscle spasm. Other benefits include improving and maintaining range of movement, strengthening weak muscles and generally increasing physical fitness.


The sensory room is an ideal atmosphere to enhance the experience of residents with various conditions by providing visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory stimuli in a calming environment.




Staff training is of great importance; it is robust and is focused on the knowledge and ability needed to provide the correct care and support. Training is a continual and ongoing process and exceeds the mandatory minimum requirements.  All staff at Leabrook are fully trained as prescribed by the Regulatory Body, in: Protection of Vulnerable adults (POVA), First Aid, Safe handling of food, Fire Safety, Health & Safety at Work, Lifting and Handling, Infection Control and more....


The qualified nursing staff at Leabrook are trained and experienced in the care of: Tracheotomies, Catheterisation (supra-pubic and urethral ), Gastro intestinal and Nastrogastic feeding, Oxygen therapy, Epilepsy, Palliative care, Terminal care and End of life care (Gold standard framework) and more......


The care assistants in addition to mandatory training also undertake or have completed Level 2 & 3 NVQ in Direct Care.


Leabrook also has its own trainers providing ‘in-house’ training in aspects of the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberties, First Aid, POVA, Lifting and Handling and Fire Safety.